The Company

Over 60 years transforming waste into resources

S. Solís is an innovating company in the field of recovery and recycling in Spain. Founded in 1955 has more than 60 years transforming waste into raw material. Nowadays, is a leading company in integrated waste management, for both industrial and municipal waste. The company covers all the process stages: collection, transport, storage, sorting, recycling and also recovery anywhere in the country.

Its head office, located in Alcorcón (Madrid) is one of the largest European treatment plants. With a 50.000 squared meters area, it has a storage capacity for 20.000 tonnes of paper, cardboard, wood, scrap and plastics. In addition, it has two companies in Sevilla and Mérida, which allows it to offer a global service nationwide.

The broad experience in recovery and recycling from S. Solís joins to modern facilities and the best team of professionals. With the most innovative and efficient technology for environment preservation, S. Solís work offers the maximum guarantee to its clients.

A treatment capacity over 200.000 tonnes of waste per year and an annual turnover exceeding 15 millions euros, makes S. Solís one of the bigest nationwide companies in the recycling industry, providing direct employment to over 150 people.

S. Solís one of the biggest nationwide companies of recycling sector

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